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7 Types Of Youtube Videos For Musicians-The Creative Advisor with Gregory Douglass

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If you’re in need of a music video for youtube, I like the way you think, because you’re already thinking like a business-savvy musician. Video is such an important component for promotion and additional exposure for musicians these days. Lucky for you, you don’t necessarily need to spend thousands of dollars on a slick new music video in order to grow your audience on Youtube. There are lots of different ways to hop on the Youtube bandwagon and start generating new fans, so here are 7 types of Youtube videos for musicians to utilize:

1. Traditional Music Videos. Lets start with the most obvious. I’ve shown you How To Make A Music Video On Your Own For Free in a previous post, but you can also direct your time, money and resources towards incorporating a professionally produced music video as a part of your next PledgeMusic crowdfunding campaign. It’s worth the investment of a polished music video if you’re making it a part of something larger and are willing to get as much mileage from it as possible.

2. Cover Videos. Artists like Justin Bieber are still getting discovered simply by posting their live or pre-recorded versions of other peoples songs on Youtube. While there is still some legal gray area surrounding this method, it’s continuing to work like a charm for many indie artists. You can generate massive new exposure this way, especially if you video-respond to the original music video with your own cover version.

3. Live Performance Videos. Bring a video camera or have a fan record some live performance at your next show. You can upload this footage to Youtube one song at a time and distribute each song as a separate music video. Your fans will love it and you’ll have more videos to choose from to post on all your various social networks.

4. Vlogs. Or “video blogs” as they use to call them circa 2007. These are basic news updates and behind the scenes videos you can easily create from your smartphone. Fans love seeing what goes on backstage, during rehearsals and during recording sessions, so why not show them? It’s a great way to highlight your personality, promote upcoming shows, and remind people about your latest PledgeMusic crowdfunding campaign efforts.

5. Video Interviews. Start interviewing other musicians, your fans, or your friends and family and release these as promotional videos. Hell – interview yourself! I did: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVGdS3KdshQ. There’s even a great interview recording software plugin (Mac) for Skype called Call Recorder available for $30 that will record any video call you have over Skype. This can be great for cross-promotion, especially if you are interviewing other musicians and music industry experts.

6. Video Tutorials. What other interests, passions or expertise do you have? Start a cooking show like indie singer/songwriter Eric Himan’s Trial and Eric for example, and teach your fans how to be a master chef. The possibilities are endless here so get creative… You are an artist after all!

7. Video Image Slideshows. Gather a bunch of your Instagram images, live performance pics, promo images, or album artwork and create a slideshow with streaming audio. Create a new slideshow video for each song you’d like to promote on Youtube and be sure to link all of your website and social networking profiles in the video info box below each video so folks who discover you know where to find more of your music.

You’re a rock star. Never change.

Here’s to your creative genius!

-Gregory Douglass, The Creative Advisor

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Tia —

I love you and I find you extremely encouraging. I felt a little sad and non-progreesive and after seeing you I was instanlty uplifted. I had been growing weary with an exstensive project I am presently working on and even apprehensive. The ideas regarding videos and the process in going about it from start to end has been overwhelming and you gave me clarity…..You were sent by heaven. Thank you!

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    Thanks Tia, I appreciate that! Glad to hear that it was a helpful boost for you – we all need that on a regular basis, so keep surrounding yourself with knowledge and inspiration, and here’s to your creative genius!

    -Gregory Douglass, The Creative Advisor

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