Holiday Music Promotion – How To Cash In On The Holidays With Your Music

Holiday Music Promotion–How To Cash In On The Holidays With Your Music-The Creative Advisor with Gregory Douglass

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If you’re looking for some extra cash for all that holiday shopping you’re about to do, it’s a great time to be thinking like a marketing-savvy musician. With annual traditions like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and the New Year around the corner, holiday sales and music can certainly make you some extra dough this holiday season. Sources say that 20% of music and merchandise sales happen within the last six weeks of the year, so there’s always a demand for holiday music and a good holiday bargain. Why not jump on the holiday bandwagon?

But what if you hate the holidays? Don’t worry, Erin Mckeown hates them too, but she capitalized on them with her F*ck That! Anti-Holiday Album, and you can too 🙂 I would even recommend creating a new persona if you don’t feel comfortable branding yourself with holiday music. Here are 5 holiday music promotion tips on how to cash in on the holidays with your music.

1. Think outside the music. Go gangbusters with your creative self and creative some additional merchandise for the holidays. Think ornaments, a holiday recipe book, holiday cards, or something completely unique to who you are and what you represent. If you bundle enticing merch items with your new or existing music, you’ll add more value to what you already have to offer. You can also elicit deals for your package bundles that are for “a limited time only.”

2. Spread some holiday cheer. Adding a few holiday songs to your repertoire could potentially land you some additional gigs this holiday season. Think holiday parties, house concerts, and holiday benefit concerts. You’ll even have a chance to sell any physical merchandise bundles at these type of live events to folks who are looking for some additional stocking-stuffers for their loved ones.

3. Release new holiday music. There’s still time to consider recording a new holiday single or EP, and with proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in place, you can make it easy for folks to discover your music who are actively searching for new and different versions of their favorite holiday songs.

4. Make a music video. If you’re going through the trouble of recording a new holiday single or EP, you might as well take the extra step and back it up with a sexy music video – or rather, a wholesome, family-friendly music video 🙂 The same SEO rules should apply here so that you can make it nice and easy for anyone to discover your video on YouTube.

5. Create a call to action. If you’ve already got a great holiday single out, consider building your email list and offering your song for free in exchange for an updated email address. You can then offer up any of your fabulously discounted holiday bundle deals during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, our throughout the holiday months in your mailing list newsletters. You can even promote a post-holiday sale to help folks fill their shiny new iPods, smart phones, tablets, and laptop computers with!

You’re a rock star. Never change.

Here’s to your creative genius!

-Gregory Douglass, The Creative Advisor

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