Intuitive Songwriting eCourse – Class Starts Sunday, Sept. 18!

Does writer’s block have you feeling like a still-life version of yourself? Then it’s time for some breakthrough songwriting!


Class starts this Sunday, September 18, and I’m extending the early enrollment pricing (20% off!) until Friday for the next round of my Intuitive Songwriting eCourse

Check out what recent Intuitive Songwriting students had to say about their experiences:

“You have restored my confidence in my own ability through your suggestions and your methods. To me, it’s much more than a songwriting course…It’s way beyond that.” -Jackie, Singer/Songwriter

“I think that this course is very accessible for people who’ve never written a song before, and also people who’ve been writing their whole lives.” -Lisa, Singer/Songwriter

“You gave me some of the best songwriting advice of anyone when you told me to write in the style of one of my favorites and not to be concerned it will sound plagiarized, that I wouldn’t be able to help but make it my own. That was really helpful.” -Syd, Singer/Songwriter

Are you interested in taking the Intuitive Songwriting eCourse yourself, but have some more questions you’d like to ask first? Click here to schedule a free consultation call with me, and we’ll figure out whether this is the right fit for you!

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