PledgeMusic Article – 5 Ways Musicians Can Prepare For The New YouTube Streaming Service

5 Ways Musicians Can Prepare For YouTube's New Music Streaming Service-PledgeMusic Article-by Gregory Douglass-The Creative Advisor

Here’s a link to my second article as a guest columnist for PledgeMusic. If you’re not yet familiar with PledgeMusic, they are one of the leading direct-to-fan crowdfunding platforms for musicians today. Think Kickstarter exclusively for musicians, and with some great added incentives for musicians that Kickstarter is lacking, but that’s an article for another time!

This new article is all about the new YouTube streaming service that’s rumored to launch as soon as December, so here are 5 Ways Musicians Can Prepare For YouTube’s New Music Streaming Service.

What are your thoughts on YouTube’s New Music Streaming Service? How are you planning to take advantage of it? Let us know…

Here’s to your creative genius!

-Gregory Douglass, The Creative Advisor

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