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TCA-Crowdfunding Services-01Crowdfunding Services

*Email for pricing & more details:
thecreativeadvisor [AT] gmail [DOT COM]

Are you ready to crowdfund your next music project, or have you been seriously considering it lately? Perhaps you’re not ready at all because you’re not sure if you can pull it off – and you’re not even sure where to begin. Trust me – you are not alone in this! You’re probably seeing all sorts of crowdfunding campaigns these days through platforms like Kickstarter, PledgeMusic, and IndieGogo – and watching lots of other musicians rake in the dough to successfully finance their own  projects while you wonder how you’re going to pay for your own. Many artists are still skeptical of how they can leverage the power of crowdfunding for their own projects for fear of failure or lack of resources, but here’s where an experienced Campaign Project Manager (like myself) can step in and help you create a wildly successful campaign for your next music project!

My crowdfunding services will equip you with experienced strategies, steady support, and a customized action plan to ensure your success. It’s difficult to be objective when you are essentially “selling yourself” to your adoring public, so I’ll help you maximize your crowdfunding potential throughout your campaign. As an artist myself, I know how important it is to raise the necessary funds to drive music projects today, and I know how daunting it can be to do it alone. I’ve successfully crowdfunded 6 albums of my own so I’ve learned how to make the most of direct-to-fan campaigning over the years. As your Campaign Project Manager, my job will be to keep you focused, accountable, and motivated – and provide you with the most pertinent information and resources you need to meet your campaign goals.

Studies show that 45% of crowdfunding campaigns fail when administered incorrectly, but take comfort in knowing that campaigns with a team make 70% more money than those flying solo according to Indiegogo.


Testimonial-Circle Image Frame-Rory Sullivan-01“A special thanks Gregory Douglass at for his help with project planning and support. I first met Gregory when he sang and performed on my song “Out Of Here” for my debut EP, “Here All Along” in 2009. He is an amazing musician, songwriter, entrepreneur, and a brilliant light in the music community of Burlington, VT. Thank you Gregory!”

Rory Sullivan (Independent Singer/Songwriter)


Testimonial-Circle Image Frame-Michael Chorney-01“Gregory Douglass is a marquee performer and songwriter. As a side-gig he helps people with crowdfunding campaigns and has been fantastic in every respect. If you are considering crowd-sourcing I really recommend you talk to Gregory! As we were preparing all this, he told me that one of the beautiful aspects is learning that people really want to be able to help out. I was sure he was right and I very much believe in the power of connection. But now, after receiving your support, the heartfelt messages of encouragement, and the big vibe of camaraderie toward a goal, well I can only say that as much as I am humbled, even more I am energized and heartened beyond belief.”

Michael Chorney, Hollar General (Independent Singer/Songwriter)


Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from my crowdfunding services. We’d start with an initial 30-minute assessment call outlining your background and campaign purposes. If we mutually agree to proceed with things at that point, we’ll plan for:

• 9-13 weeks of direct campaign coaching and support, which includes…
• 4-8 weeks prep time: 4 weekly (or 8 bi-weekly) coaching calls leading up to your campaign launch.
• 5 coaching calls throughout your 30-day campaign.
• 9-13 weeks of ongoing email access and unconditional support.

If you’re ready to successfully crowdfund your next music project, lets get to work! Please contact me for pricing and to schedule your free 30-minute assessment call at: thecreativeadvisor [AT] gmail [DOT COM]


TCA-Career Coaching-01Career Coaching Sessions

*See pricing below.

My one-on-one coaching helps working artists and creative entrepreneurs like you transform their business models and build the careers they really want. Each session is tailored specifically to your needs, and all sessions come with a complete video or audio recording of our time together so you can easily reference to it as needed – and since you are awesome, you should be reminded as needed.

With over a decade of experience as an internationally acclaimed recording artist, I’ve become an expert in the new music industry, and a pioneer of the D.I.Y (“do it yourself”) business model.

I am a self-made entrepreneur and I have learned quite a few tricks to the trade. Here’s a quick list of some things I can help you with:

• Prioritizing your career goals & desires
• Booking & promoting your tours
• Managing & organizing your career
• Harnessing digital marketing & social media tools
• Understanding the legalities of your music
• Launching your own music campaigns and crowd-sourced funding
• Improving your overall branding – both offline and online presence
• Creating your own vlogs and music videos
• Strengthening your songwriting skills and recordings


Grace Potter-Circle Image Frame-02


“Gregory taught me so much about being a musician.”
Grace Potter , Grace Potter & The Nocturnals (Hollywood Records)



Anais Mitchell-Circle Image Frame-02


“Gregory works so hard and has really developed an awesome grassroots career. He’s a very driven artist.”
Anais Mitchell, Singer/Songwriter (Righteous Babe Records)



Sarah Stickle2-Circle Image Frame-02


“Gregory Douglass, you are a marketing genius.”
Sarah Stickle, Independent Artist Manager



Trine Wilson-Circle Image Frame-02


“Gregory is knowledgeable, wise, inspired, and inspiring! Opportunities are falling into my lap since my first meeting with him!”
Trine Wilson, Independent Artist/Photographer


Consulting Image-Quickie-30minQUICKIE

30 min Consultation: Free

The perfect fit for…
Your one burning question. You’ve got a big decision to make, or you’re stuck on something specific and it’s time to get un-stuck. You’re ready for some focus or recalibration in your creative life and you know deep down that a good creative coach will make all the difference!

How we’ll make the most of our time:
Remember, this one’s a quickie, so you’ll have to do some homework ahead of time. I’ll send you a brief email in advance, asking you what you want to discuss and what you want to walk away with, and we’ll make a power date. Please email me to schedule your free consultation at: gregory [AT] thecreativeadvisor [DOT COM].

*This option is for first time clients only!


Consulting Image-Full-60min


One 60-minute session: $135

The perfect fit for…
Your current head space. You want to check in with me on where you’re at in your career and how you’d like to advance in life. You could use an objective perspective from a like-minded professional with a nurturing rapport.

How we’ll make the most of our time:
We’ll talk in-depth about what you matters most to you right now, and you’ll walk away inspired, confident, and refocused. I’ll provide you with action steps that you will be able to take immediately and track measurable results from. I’ll follow up with an email after our 60 minute session with any additional resources that may help you fast-track your progress.

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Consulting Image-MonthlyMONTHLY

Two 60-minute sessions each month & ongoing, exclusive email access: $245/month

The perfect fit for…
Advancing your career through ongoing coaching, goal setting and support. You know you are a creative genius, and you take your career very seriously (if you do say so yourself).

How we’ll make the most of our time:
We’ll check in with each other twice a month, celebrate the progress you’ve made, and pinpoint your next action steps. You’ll have ongoing, exclusive email access — perfect for when you have a burning question or need some quick creative advice. Your monthly membership will help you stay motivated, organized, and productive as you fast-track your career towards your goals and desires.

*A 5% discount is available for a 3-month commitment in advance (saving you $36.75).
Please email me if you’re interested: thecreativeadvisor [AT] gmail [DOT] com

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Depending on your location, we can meet one on one via:

• Video chat (Google Hangouts or Skype)
• Telephone
• In person (if in the Vermont area)
• Email

I’m here to help, but I do offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with our session. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about my services at: gregory [AT] thecreativeadvisor [DOT COM]

Here’s to your creative genius!

-Gregory Douglass, The Creative Advisor