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Syd Interview-The Creative Advisor with Gregory Douglass



Syd Interview Spotlight: Today I have the opportunity to chat it on up with a dear friend and indie mentor of mine, Mr. Erin Sidney – or the artist otherwise known as Syd. Syd is a brilliant and prolific songwriter, producer, performer and self-made entrepreneur. He is hands-down one of the most creative, innovative and hardworking indie musicians I have ever met. He’s got three fantastic, independently released solo albums and an EP under his belt, and he’s currently apart of several bands, including Hotels & Highways, The Pullmen, and he’s the drummer for Australian singer/songwriter, Mia Dyson. He also produced Mia’s latest album, The Moment, which just got 4 stars in Rolling Stone. Syd is another indie model success story in today’s music industry, and he’s here to let us in on his own experiences today.

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Here’s to your creative genius!

-Gregory Douglass, The Creative Advisor

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