Why The Best Moments Of 2012 Are Thanks To Your Music Career

Why The Best Moments Of 2012 Are Thanks To Your Career-The Creative Advisor



This holiday season, my dad asked me, “how’s your after-life going?” While the world didn’t end on 12.12.12, I thought it was a fair enough question to ask. I always jump at the chance to recalibrate this time of year, and the only way to make the best of a new year ahead is to make the best of the old year that was. I truly hope that 2012 was an incredibly transforming year for you and your music career, but if you’re more like “2012 can kiss my…” then let me help put things into perspective for you. Ask yourself the following questions, and you’ll see why many of the best moments of 2012 are thanks to your music career:

1. What did you accomplish in 2012? Think good and hard, then celebrate for crying out loud! It’s easy for hardworking musicians to lose sight of how fun their careers are suppose to be, especially when they are so focused on what it’s going to take to get to the next level. Take this opportunity to acknowledge the real progress you’ve actually made in 2012 – big or small – and celebrate accordingly. Bottoms up!

2. What were the highlights of your career in 2012? Whatever the driving force was behind the success of your career highlights is thanks to your desire actions. Your desire actions are what I like to think of quite simply as your favorite things to do. Your desire actions are at the core of what makes you the happiest in your career. Recognizing these skills are extremely beneficial in keeping your focus on what matters because what resonates most with you will resonate most with others. Your career highlights will always mirror your strongest desire actions, and they are helpful reminders of what you might continue to build upon in 2013.

3. What were the highlights of your personal life in 2012? The same desire action rules apply here. Whether you realize it or not, your personal and professional life are always working together. They can support each other or work against each other, so understanding what makes you happy in your personal life will only further influence your decision-making in your professional life – and vice versa. Remember that happiness is the key, and often overlooked all too often by hard-working musicians who are trying too hard to get ahead in their careers. Allow your annual highlights to remind you of your desire actions, and let your desire actions continue to lead the way in 2013.

4. What were your failures in 2012? Don’t just sweep your failures under the carpet, embrace them with open arms. They are just as significant as your highlights because they will allow you to assess what wasn’t working and why. This is vital information that will only further support your desire actions for 2013. As many a guru hath said; you never fail backward, you only failed forward.

5. Who influenced you in 2012? There was a reason – perhaps even multiple reasons – why this influence had such an impact on you. You probably see yourself in them, like a certain source of potential that you see in yourself for example. Think about what you learned from this influence and how it can help shape your career in 2013. How can you follow suit, but make it your own? How can you do things differently, or better?

6. Who did you influence? I’m certain that your song, performance, words of wisdom, or creative contribution touched someone, somewhere this year. It may have even been unbeknownst to you – or unbeknownst to them – because the universe works in quiet and mysterious ways. You might consider setting up a google alert for yourself or your band, or doing a general Twitter search for your name. You’d be surprised to find who’s singing your praises behind your back. You’d be even more surprised at all the good influence you’ve had on others who may not ever admit it out loud – or at least, directly to you. You may have changed someone’s life for all you know! There’s a little faith required on this one, but the point is that your creative genius is what you have to contribute to the world, and at the end of the day, that’s what truly matters to people. Keep doing more of that in 2013, mmmkay?

7. What changed in 2012? What changed about you or your career? What changed in the music biz or the world as you know it? This can be helpful data if you’re willing to think outside the box a bit. You may have outgrown certain aspects of your career and are therefore ready for some new ideas, for example. You might have noticed certain practices that other artists are using that are not working in your career like they use to – if they ever worked at all. This is your opportunity to change the game a bit. You’re an artist, so get creative. You have a competitive edge now. Thanks 2012!

8. What ideas did you have? These might be just what the competitive edge doctor ordered to kick off an exciting new year. Perhaps even a bad idea will lead to a good one. Every idea you’ve generated is currently influencing your actions, and you are currently defining culture with your creative genius. Keep doing more of that too.

9. What are you ready to take on in 2013? I believe in everything for a reason. I am a perpetual student, and there is so much that can be learned from our experiences and surroundings if we are so inclined to learn from them. I’m confident that 2012 was chalk-full of lessons learned that have made you all the more prepared to take better action in 2013. Raise the roof!

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Here’s to your creative genius, and to a prosperous 2013!

-Gregory Douglass, The Creative Advisor

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